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Welcome to my Page! <33

----->>>>> Buckle Up by BowChickaBowWow<<<<<-----

Yuaei and Mohawk EternalHusky

Domitius meets Chara's new love by Awesomesauce2014 and StarCanid

Shenandoah by Jaeggy <3
wildfire-tama icon by Anti-Dark-Heart

Domain of the Wolf

:bulletgreen: OPEN for RP /:bulletred: CLOSED for RP / - (Planned RP)
[DotW] this is a stamp by Zoketi

Impala Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama
Impala Stamp 1 by Wildfire-Tama

Gentle Fisher of Heyl / Female
- Laur
- Rocko
- Lucia
- Aleuna

Alcatraz Pixel by Wildfire-Tama
Alcatraz Stamp 1 by Wildfire-Tama

Stern Alpha Male of Aryn / Male
- Athena
- Raphael

Samwell Pixel by Wildfire-Tama

Clumsy Highvalley Keeper / Male
- Rue
- Amalthia

Lazarus Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama

Adventurous Ranger of Aryn / Male
- Lawson

Shenandoah Relationships by Wildfire-Tama
Shenandoah Stamp by Wildfire-Tama

Suspicious Loner / Female
- Jerikoh
- Bellamy
- Hekate
- Isla
- Ranna
- Frazier
- Miron

Yuaei Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama Yuaei Pixel by Tazihound
Yuaei Stamp by Wildfire-Tama

Devout Highvalley Meister / Female
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- Vera
- Calumina
- Khione


Other Characters

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:bulletred: CLOSED for RP
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- (Planned RP)

Outgoing Liguar Apprentice of Shadow Empire / Female
- Kieran
- Saturn
- Star

Upstanding Clouded Cheepard Bounty Hunter Tribune / Female
- Atarah
- Cyrus
- Royer
- Halter

Traditional Lord of Glenmore / Male
- Princess Aillil
- Lady Cahira


Rebekah by FeatherBrain4 <3 and Tuscan Pagedoll by halloweendonkey

Art To-Do List

**NOT in order of urgency**
Let me know if you see I missed something!

:bulletpurple: Kuroda x Sameko and Co. collab XxTerraHeartxX (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Rebekah x Levi NoodleRyuu (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Impala x Lucia OkamiShiri (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Samwell x Maerac Uniskorne (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Cahira MoonyArsaraidh (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Alcatraz x Riga Wolfess4 (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Alcatraz and Co. (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Diablo Onykssaifavild (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Rune x Yuaei collab halloumicheese (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Lazarus x Finarel Hirvlased (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Rebekah x Cyrus Grace-Winters (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Impala x Rocko Shichibi (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Sam x Gwyn Jaeggy (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Yuaei x Quilo (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Alcatraz x Killian (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Ambriel x Yuki (Their turn)

:bulletpurple: Yuaei x Liss Greeting Picture WynBird
:bulletpurple: Whisper and Zarax Picture (Art Trade) AhoyItsDusk

I want some ships too C: Thank you Jae for starting this fun thing <3 

12 deviants said Shenandoah - Loner by Wildfire-Tama
7 deviants said Samwell (Sam) - Highvalley by Wildfire-Tama
7 deviants said Yuaei - Highvalley Meister by Wildfire-Tama
7 deviants said Saurugol - Havir Alpha - DECEASED by Wildfire-Tama
6 deviants said Impala  - Heyl by Wildfire-Tama
4 deviants said Wren - Vale - RETIRED by Wildfire-Tama (can't believe I forgot to add her ;-; )
3 deviants said Lazarus - Aryn by Wildfire-Tama
2 deviants said ^-^' (even if he has no ships yet I'd love to start poking around for potential plots)
1 deviant said Alcatraz - Aryn by Wildfire-Tama
No deviants said Zevahni - Havir {Deceased} by Wildfire-Tama (an eternal pup but just to include all my characters C: )

I am tentatively on the search for my own little Glenmore Princess! I know this is a stretch (and I am being more picky than I have a right to be), but I’m wondering if anyone has a Lord x Princess pair who would be willing to have me in their family?

The only thing is that I have one potentially difficult condition ^-^’ I really want her to be a classic fawn. I'd just love for her markings to be soft and gradient as opposed to sharp! 

While I am hoping for her to be born in Y771, I’m open to future years instead since rut is already fast approaching and most princesses are likely already planned!

I am happy to draw breeding proof or do anything else that would make it easier for anyone willing to help me!

I will be quite active with her and I’d love for an active family to help her grow!

Her current concept IS a bit quirky, but I plan to further tailor it to the family she is born to (and I am certainly open to a not-perfect family). Here is her WIP personality (subject to change) so you know around what I have in mind at the moment:

Princess Laodice ConceptGeneral Child Personality:
Very happy little girl. Sweet and shy, generous and playful and very goofy. Very chatty and is constantly talking and asking questions. Bad memory right from the start, not the sharpest tool in the shed. Rather helpless on her own, quite self-conscious and hard on herself. Loves everything.
Predicted Future Personality: 
Laodice tends to seem shy at first glance. With her demure but kind and happy aura she likely seems to be just very quiet and sweet. However her shyness is because she is not the most normal fawnling and she is always nervous about how others will feel about her. As far as she can tell her appearance is perfectly adequate. It’s only when she opens her mouth that she can ruin the opinions that others have of her. This is always on her mind and thus she really tries to keep her mouth shut and just look pretty like a good Princess. However, it takes very little to crack through this act.

Thank you for your time C:


Impala and Aleuna

by warpugs <3


Favorite Things <3

Wren by Tazihound<3

I love Rhinoceros by WishmasterAlchemist
Love Big Cats Stamp by PyroStorm Albatrosses by WaywardSoothsayer
I love cats stamp by Papageienfreak Love Cats by KelpyKrad I love Cats by WishmasterAlchemist
Triceratops Stamp by DinoLover09
Pokemon stamp 18 by dannyphantom300 Disney Stamp - 101 Dalmat 005 by hanakt 001-5 Bulbasaur Stamp by Pokestamps
Lighthouses by WaywardSoothsayer Stamp: Lanterns by Lorena677
Stamp: History by zoro4me3
Yuaei by SpookyWonders <3

Skin by Spudfuzz
Purple rose divider by mamasaurus



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